Pest Control Management

Notice Concerning Use of Pest Control Materials

Our district utilizes a licensed, professional pest control service firm for the prevention and control of rodents, insects, and other pests in and around the district’s buildings. All pest control materials are chosen and applied according to label directions per Federal law.

Their program consists of:

  1. Inspection and monitoring to determine whether pests are present, and whether any treatment is needed;
  2. Recommendations for maintenance and sanitation to help eliminate pests without the need for pest control materials;
  3. Utilization of non-chemical measures such as traps, caulking and screening;
  4. Application of EPA-registered pest control materials when needed.

Pests can sting, bite, cause contamination, damage property, and spread disease; therefore, we must prevent and control them. The long-term health effects on children from the application of such pest control materials, or the class of materials to which they belong, may not be fully understood. All pest control materials are chosen and applied according to label directions per Federal law.

An estimated schedule of interior pest control inspections and possible treatment is available for review or copying at each school office.

A similar estimated schedule is available for application of herbicides and other materials to school grounds. Parents of students may request to receive, at their expense, prior notification of any application of a pest control material, should such an application be deemed necessary on a day different from the days specified in the schedule.

If any parents, staff, or students have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Hoag. Mike is the district’s pest control coordinator and can be contacted at (218) 742-3919.

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