Committee Name Board Members
Buildings, Grounds, Transportation & Safety Bill Addy Polly Sorcan John Uhan
Budget / Finance Bill Addy Nicole Culbert-Dahl Brandi Lautigar Tim Riordan Polly Sorcan John Uhan Lisa Westby
Community Education Brandi Lautigar Polly Sorcan
Athletic & Activities Nicole Culbert-Dahl Tim Riordan John Uhan
Policy Nicole Culbert-Dahl Polly Sorcan Lisa Westby
Personnel Brandi Lautigar Polly Sorcan Lisa Westby
District Curriculum Advisory & Staff Development Brandi Lautigar
Meet-Confer Nicole Culbert-Dahl Brandi Lautigar Lisa Westby
Wellness, Family Services Collaborative Liaison School Principals
Iron Range Youth in Action Liaison Brandi Lautigar
Negotiations - AFSCME Bill Addy Tim Riordan John Uhan
Negotiations - Administration & Teachers Bill Addy Tim Riordan John Uhan
City of Eveleth Liaison John Uhan
City of Gilbert Liaison Bill Addy
City of Virginia Liaison Nicole Culbert-Dahl
Indigenous Education Liaison Tim Riordan
Legislative Liaison Tim Riordan Lisa Westby
Rock Ridge Public Schools Since 2020

Rock Ridge Public Schools combines the communities of Eveleth, Gilbert, and Virginia into a progressive school district embracing an academy style high school to provide students with a real world learning environment.

District Office

1405 Progress Parkway
Virginia, MN 55792

(218) 735-3500
Fax: 218-744-4381
[email protected]