Committee Name Board Members
Athletic & Activities Committee Nicole Culbert-Dahl Tim Riordan John Uhan
Community Education Advisory Brandi Lautigar
Budget and Finance Polly Sorcan John Uhan Lisa Westby
Buildings / Grounds / Transportation Bill Addy Polly Sorcan John Uhan
Labor Management / Meet-Confer Brandi Lautigar
AFSCME Bill Addy Tim Riordan John Uhan
Policies Nicole Culbert-Dahl Polly Sorcan Lisa Westby
IRYA Brandi Lautigar
Legislative Liason Tim Riordan
Wellness School Principals
Personnel Brandi Lautigar Tim Riordan Lisa Westby
MN State HS League Rep
District Curriculum Advisory & Staff Development Nicole Culbert-Dahl Brandi Lautigar Lisa Westby
City of Eveleth Liason John Uhan
City of Gilbert Liason Bill Addy
City of Virginia Liason Nicole Culbert-Dahl
Teacher Negotiations / Admin Bill Addy Tim Riordan John Uhan
Indian Education Tim Riordan
Rock Ridge Public Schools Since 2020

Rock Ridge Public Schools combines the communities of Eveleth, Gilbert, and Virginia into a progressive school district embracing an academy style high school to provide students with a real world learning environment.

District Office

1405 Progress Parkway
Virginia, MN 55792

(218) 735-3500
V Fax: 218-741-8522 | EG Fax: 218-744-4381
[email protected]