Hello and welcome to Rock Ridge Public Schools. We appreciate you visiting our page and we look forward to finding a Partnering Connection. Please read our story below and then take a look at all of the options that are available for us to become partners in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We cordially invite you to join us in building our new identity as the Rock Ridge Wolverines. You know as well as I do, that it will take only one state tournament for all of us to get on board. Join now and help us get there…


To develop community partnerships and relationships that will benefit both the school and the partner.

To offer a wide variety of opportunities for the community to partner with Rock Ridge Public Schools.

We offer numerous opportunities to support Rock Ridge Public Schools. Maybe you want to sponsor equipment in the science labs or in the auto shops or the woodworking classrooms. Your passion might be interested in supporting band, choir or orchestra. How about athletics or activities? We have scoreboard partnerships available. Please enjoy our story and see below the opportunities available to become a part of Rock Ridge Public Schools.

Our Story:

I’m sure you have heard about the consolidation that has joined the three communities into one school district. If not, here is the story:

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Let me introduce you to Rock Ridge Public Schools (RRPS).  RRPS is the newly created school district that consolidates the school districts of Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia Public Schools.  A voter approved consolidation happened in the spring of 2020.  The communities that make up these school districts voted to move the districts, and its buildings, into the 21st century and beyond.  

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A voter approved bonding project, in conjunction with the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB), has created a tremendous opportunity for our children, families, and communities. The successful vote supported a brand new, state of the art Rock Ridge High School, grades 7-12. Included at Rock Ridge High School are brand new Arts and Athletic facilities. Two brand new elementary schools; one in Eveleth and one in Virginia.

Rock Ridge Performing Arts Center for Band, Choir, Orchestra, Musicals, Concerts, and much more…


Rock Ridge Stadium for Track and Field, Football, Soccer, PE classes, and much more…


Rock Ridge High School Athletic Commons with an 8 lane pool on the left and a 3 floor gymnasium on the right for Wolverine Athletics, PE classes and much more….


Eveleth Elementary School, located just south of the Rock Ridge High School on the new campus
Virginia Elementary School, located on 5th avenue between 2nd and 4th street south.


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These facilities are being built in and around the Eveleth, Gilbert, and Virginia Communities.  They will serve all of the students in the district.  These will be amazing buildings, learning studios, play spaces and facilities for everyone of all ages to use and enjoy.  We feel very fortunate to have received the support from the voters in all three communities…

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As of July 1, 2020, the Rock Ridge School district was created.  Until completion of the new, consolidated facilities, the district will operate two high schools: Eveleth-Gilbert High School(grades 9-12) and Virginia High School(grades 7-12) in their current settings.  A Junior High School in Gilbert (grades 5-8).  Four elementary schools:  Nelle Shean(grades Pre-K), Parkview Learning Center(grades PreK-2), Franklin Elementary(grades K-4) and Roosevelt Elementary(grades 3-6).  When the new buildings are complete, we will consolidate into: one Rock Ridge High School(grades 7-12), three elementary schools: the current Parkview Learning Center(PreK-2), the new Eveleth Elementary School(grades PreK-6) and the new Virginia Elementary School(grades 3-6).  These facilities will be 21st century buildings that will knock your socks off! Please view the slideshow below named Rock Ridge Renderings.  We look forward to all alumni and community members embracing this consolidation and joining us in becoming:


Fiercely United was our battle cry during the entire process. 

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The communities were professionally guided through a naming process.  After many hours and multiple discussions, the district name chosen was Rock Ridge and the mascot chosen was Wolverines.

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The unveiling event was an incredible night; a full-house at the Hippodrome!  People were waiting on the edge of their seats for the new name and mascot.  Rock Ridge Wolverines was extremely well received and from that night forth, you can see kids and community members wearing their Rock Ridge gear around the schools and towns.

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The monies we received for this project were intentionally budgeted for building the best academic facility we ever could dream of building.  We made it our number one to always put academics first.  We have done this and are now seeking funds to go above and beyond for our students and communities.  We knew we wanted special items and ideas for the learning studios and arts/athletic facilities.  We felt we could fundraise for these special items and ideas to extend these learning facilities into outstanding professional settings.  Your partnership can help us greatly.

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So here we are, seeking help from great people like you to take this facility to the next level and beyond.  Below, you will see numerous ways to donate in many different places.  Please take a look and see if any of these strike a chord with you, your business, and/or your family.  We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.  We hope we can “FIERCELY UNITE” with you for this once in a lifetime opportunity for our students, schools, and communities.


#RockRidgeRising is the name of our campaign for family, business, or corporate partnering opportunities in creating this world class learning facility. Maybe you graduated from one of the three schools?  Maybe you have a family member who graduated from one of the three schools?  Maybe you have kids in the schools right now?  Maybe you want to honor the legacy of a family member?  Maybe you want to help this amazing project become even more incredible…. 

Rock Ridge Public Schools is offering the opportunity for donations, corporate sponsorships, family legacies, or naming rights to the many areas of our new campus.  For more information about this opportunity, please contact:

Willie Spelts, Fundraising Coordinator, Rock Ridge Public Schools



Trust me, you will want to be a part of this final product.  It will be astounding! 

Where can you help, you ask… below are just some of the ideas. We welcome your personal and passionate thoughts. All funds donated can be directed to a specific place of your choice. We can match you with your passion and put your funding to immediate use. We will be able to make the items listed below even better than they are already planned to be. You can help put these “over the top” and make the experience even greater than would ever be possible for our students and communities. Talk to me about your interests and passions and we can work together to make a difference in the area of your choice. Naming Rights are available in many places below; your name, company name, family name, its up to you…

Academic Area

Academic Center, the Heart

Academic Wing/Academy

Technology Information Center

Specialty Labs (Business,Science,Metals, Construction, Transportation, etc)

Guidance/Student Services Area

Academic Wall of Donors: Names listed in the Academic Area on the Wall of Appreciation

Performing Arts Area

Performing Arts Center

Rock Ridge Band Uniforms

Rock Ridge Choir Robes


Sound Booth

Music Classrooms (Band, Choir, Orchestra)

Dressing Rooms

Instrument Purchase

Lesson Labs

Rows of Seats

Performing Arts Wall of Donors: Names listed in the Performing Arts Area on the Wall of Appreciation


Indoor Playgrounds: Elementary School(s): Both elementary schools are putting in indoor play space, much needed with the rain and cold that we experience. We will still get outside at EVERY chance, but we know that research is showing that “play” is a very important part of the educational process.

Outdoor Playgrounds

Activities Area

Activities Center

Fitness/Cardio Center

Main Gymnasium

Aquatic Center – Swimming Pool

Concession Area

Activities Center Wall of Donors: Names listed in the Activities Center on the Wall of Appreciation

Outdoor Athletic Area

Athletic Complex

Football Field


Baseball Field

Softball Field


Rock Ridge Wolverines Uniforms: Maybe you have an activity or sport that you enjoyed, or still enjoy. Help us in that activity. We will apply your donation directly to that activity or sport.


Stadium: Track and Football Field

Main Gymnasium

Aquatic Swimming Center

Baseball Fields

Softball Fields

Other Ideas

We are also open to your passions, suggestions and ideas, please contact me if you have any questions and interest in these opportunities.

Willie Spelts, Fundraising Coordinator, Rock Ridge Public Schools



Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about supporting the Rock Ridge Wolverines.

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Our Story; the past, the present, and the future…

Rock Ridge Renderings