The Parkview Learning Center is located just north of Silver Lake in Virginia. The building houses Kindergarten through Grade Two, School Readiness, Early Childhood Family Education, and AEOA Headstart. The campus is surrounded by beautiful green space and contains three amazing playground sets.

The Parkview staff is made up of extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team members who strive to provide a wide variety of experiences that give students opportunities to further develop their social and academic skills. We promote a student-centered learning approach, higher level thinking and questioning, and positive behavior/social development. Our solid curriculum and exemplary staff, along with the support from families and the community, enable our Parkview students to develop a strong foundation both socially and academically. Besides receiving core instruction from their classroom teacher, students also receive instruction for specialists in music, art, technology, and physical education. Title I services are offered also.

Our goal at the Parkview is to provide our students with a well-rounded, student centered education that prepares them for the future. Building the foundational skills for a student success is of utmost importance. The family like environment helps to ensure that our students feel safe and comfortable as they grow.